9th of June 2015

How to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle while Travelling

With so many new stimuli, some in the form of sweet temptations or cheap greasy meals, staying healthy on the road can be challenging. While all the wining and dining is an exciting part of travelling, it’s important to feel fit in order to enjoy your time away, especially if you are travelling long term.

Here are some healthy habits that you can consider adding to your travelling routine no matter where you are. With some small tricks to balance out the excesses, you won’t have to deprive yourself from anything.

1. IN TRANSIT. It’s always better to pack healthy snacks than eating the super processed plane food. Some nuts, seeds or dried fruits will keep you entertained during those long waits while providing the energy you need. If you lack inspiration on what snacks to pack, don’t miss the Recipes and Tips for Healthy Travel on My New Roots, my favourite food blog.


2. MORNING DETOX. First thing in the morning, especially after a night out, a glass of warm water with some fresh lemon juice will help alkalinize your body and get rid of toxins. Another option is eating half a grapefruit. The vitamin c will help you revive.

3. LESS ALCOHOL. Instead of spending 20$ (maybe 40?) on cocktails during a night out, try spending just half of it and save the other half to buy a nourishing fresh green juice/smoothie the next morning. With the same money you will get a lot more vitamins and minerals, which your body will certainly appreciate after the dehydrating effect of alcohol. No juice bars around? Then head to the local market to get some fruit!


4. BEING ACTIVE. From jogging, playing team sports or doing yoga to playing beach volleyball or even just going for a long walk: anything to get you moving will be beneficial for your body. For the ones lacking willpower, try joining one of the multiple sports events on Meetup and hopefully you will also meet new friends while working out!

5. AT THE RESTAURANT. If you dine out regularly, try to not overindulge evening after evening. Instead, make it a time to balance out what you ate during the day. You haven’t had any fresh veggies? Then order some for dinner. You didn’t have the chance to eat fish for a week? Go for that grilled salmon. Needless to say, fast food should only be an exception in a balanced diet.

6. MODERATION IS KEY. Remember it’s all about balance. Think about it as a lifestyle and be happy: mens sana in corpore sano!

Do you have any other tricks to stay healthy on the road?

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