Thailand Diaries I: Fauna
20th of January 2014

Thailand Diaries I: Fauna

Una de les activitats més divertides del viatge a Tailàndia va ser anar al Tiger Kingdom, a Chiang Mai.

És com un zoo on només hi ha tigres (diferents gàbies per a diferents mides: molt grans, grans, mitjans, petits i molt petits), i el que el fa especial és el fet que pots entrar a dintre de les gàbies a tocar-los, sempre sota la supervisió d’un monitor. Neixen en captivitat i estan ensinistrats, per tant és més o menys segur. Ens van dir que ens hi acostéssim des de darrere, ja que se senten amenaçats si els acaricies directament el cap o les potes del davant i podrien esgarrapar…
Hi vam anar a primera hora del matí i els petits jugaven força, mentre que els grans encara tenien son i no es movien gaire. Els monitors eren molt simpàtics i ens van explicar que els grans, que tenen uns quatre anys i pesen uns 100 kg, mengen 5 kg de pollastre dos cops al dia i poden dormir fins a 18 hores al dia!

One of the highlights of the trip to Thailand was going to Tiger Kingdom, in Chiang Mai. It’s like a zoo where there are only tigers (different cages for different sizes: very big, big, medium, small and very small), and what makes it special is the fact that you can get in the cage and pet them, always under the supervision of an instructor. They are born in captivity and are trained, so it was more or less safe. We were advised to approach them from behind, as they feel harassed if you stroke them directly on the head and front paws and could scratch…

We went there first thing in the morning and the small ones were quite playful, whereas the very big ones were still very sleepy and didn’t move much. The friendly instructors told us that the big ones, who are about four years old and weight about 100 kg, eat 5 kg of chicken twice a day and can sleep up to 18 hours a day!
We even saw a really beautiful white tiger:

Fins i tot hi havia un tigre blanc molt bonic:
Another fun activity was elephant riding. That happened in Chiang Mai too, during our 2-day trekking tour in the jungle. The ride was not very long, but we could jump out the basket and sit on the elephant’s neck, which is much cooler. I loved the texture of their skin, it felt really weird! We rode a female elephant that was 40 years old, and our guide Phi told us that they can live up to about 90 years.

Una altra activitat divertida va ser anar en elefant. També va ser a Chiang Mai, durant un trekking de dos dies per la selva. No vam anar-hi gaire estona, però vam poder sortir de la cistella i seure al coll de l’elefant, que és molt més guai. Em va agradar molt la textura de la seva pell, tenia un tacte molt estrany! Ens va portar una elefanta de 40 anys; el nostre guia, en Phi, ens va dir que poden viure fins a uns 90 anys.


Some more random creatures that we found during the trip:

Més animalons que vam trobar-nos durant el viatge:


Butterfly in a flower farm
Reptile in a park in Bangkok
Just an example of the dozens of dogs (also cats and chicken) that wandered the streets
This one was from Ao Nang, beach life
Most dogs were really friendly, this one was in front of a temple in Ayutthaya
These poor crabs were a restaurant’s main attraction…
This cute squirrel was the tour guide’s pet

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